PODGORICA, 21.03.2023. – In serious cases of attacks on journalists, including the murder of “Dan” editor Duško Jovanović and the attempted murder of journalist Olivera Lakić, there is no progress, states the Report of the State Department for Human Rights for Montenegro for last year.

“There were no reports regarding progress investigating the gravest attacks on journalists from previous years, such as that into the 2004 killing of Dusko Jovanovic, the editor and chief of the daily newspaper Dan.  In May Prime Minister Abazovic called on the government to take steps to solve the murder. There was also no progress in solving the 2018 shooting of Vijesti investigative reporter Olivera Lakic in Podgorica.  Although police arrested two suspects in December 2021, including a police officer, on suspicion of involvement in the shooting, authorities did not file formal charges against anyone during the year” the report states.

During the last three years, as many as 70 attacks on journalists have been registered, the report says, referring to the data of the Trade Union of Media of Montenegro, and most of the attacks were online or during reporting from demonstrations and protests.

The report reflects the death threats addressed to portal M, as well as the attack on “Vijesti” journalist Jadranka Ćetković, which happened last year. They further state that the Government did not use violence against the media, but that Government officials condemned media outlets that criticized them.

Commenting on the position of employees, the Report states: “Low salaries and political pressure contributed to self-censorship”.