Real voice of journalism: a report on the state of freedom of the media in 17 local communities in BiH

Source/Author: Centar za postkonfliktna istraživanja
Source/Photo: Centar za postkonfliktna istraživanja

SARAJEVO, 21.05.2018. – Post – Conflict Research Center  presented results on the reasearch on the media freedom level in 17 local communities in BiH.


The report came about as part of a research project called “Real Voice of Journalism”. The project aims to improve the overall position of journalists and media activists and to prevent further aggravation and violations in the field of freedom of expression in BiH, and is implemented by the Post – Conflict Research Center, in cooperation with Balkan Investigative Reporting Network and The WARM Fondation.

The project is being implemented over a period of nine months and has focused on working with local journalists to create research that demonstrates their real everyday struggle to create impartial, objective and relevant content.

Project is financed by the EU through a small grants program “Protection of media freedom and freedom of expression in Western Balkans” implemented by Croatian journalists Association as a part of a regional project “WB Regional Platform for Advocating Media Freedom and journalists Safety”.

Presentation of the report was organized on May 18 at Hotel Europa in Sarajevo. Marija Arnautović (Radio Free Europe – Balkan Service), Borka Rudić (BHJA), Erna Mačkić (BIRN BiH), Lejla Turčilo (Faculty of Political science, University of Sarajevo), and Tatjana Milovanovic (CPI) and Velma Saric (CPI) participated in the presentation.


This project is financed by the European Union through the small grants program “Protecting Media Freedom and Freedom of Expression in the Western Balkans”, implemented by the Croatian Journalists Association, as part of the regional project “Western Balkan’s Regional Platform for Advocating Media Freedom and Journalists’ Safety”, implemented through a partnership of six regional journalist associations – Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia, Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina Journalists, Croatian Journalists’ Association, Association of Journalists of Kosovo, Association of Journalists of Macedonia and the Trade Union of Media of Montenegro.