PODGORICA, 19.10.2021. – Dragutin Sukovic was sentenced to 10 months in prison yesterday for attacking journalist Esad Kocan.

In the Podgorica Basic Court, he was simultaneously banned from approaching the editor-in-chief of the weekly “Monitor” at a distance of fewer than 100 meters, as well as mandatory treatment in a psychiatric institution.

The defendant practically claimed from the arrest that he did not know the injured party, and at the hearing, before the verdict was pronounced, he stated that he “knew him for almost 10 years”.

At the beginning of the trial, Kocan said that he has been living like a hunted beast since the founding of Monitor and that he is deeply convinced that the motive of the attacker is not personal or some current anger, but that he was attacked because of his work.

The journalist was attacked at the end of March in front of the building where he lives after he returned from the usual afternoon walk.