Witness Vučinić: I have never seen Jovo Martinović

Source/Author: SMCG
Source/Photo: SMCG/EFJ

PODGORICA, 06.03.2018 – During the continuation of the trial for the international smuggling of narcotics at the Higher Court in Podgorica, before the Special Council of a judge Vesna Pean, witness Željko Vučinić stated that he did not know journalist Jovo Martinović and that he saw him for the first time when this court proceedings started.

Indictees were arrested during action Mak and were charged for being part of the international criminal group which was organized by Duško Martinović in the beginning of May 2015, for narcotics smuggling in Montenegro, Croatia and the Netherlands.

Jovo Martinović spent 14 months in prison and was charged with installing a “conversation application” on Duško Martinović’s mobile phone, and that he participated in smuggling of 20 kilograms of marijuana in Ulcinj, issue about which Vučinić testified.

The arrests in this case happened in October 2015, when Martinović was detained, and the court proceeding began a year later. The trial continues on April 16.