The second module of the Academy on Dealing with the Past (DWP) journalis, and Conflict Sensitive Reporting was held


Journalism students and journalists of the Academy, during the second module, were lectured about the impact of disinformation on dealing with the past.

This module of the Academy was lectured by Getoarbë Mulliqi, Executive Director of the Association of Journalists of Kosovo, who spoke to the participants about the complex relationship between disinformation and social efforts to address and reconcile historical injustices and conflicts. They were able to see how false narratives and disinformation can misrepresent public understanding of historical events, hinder reconciliation processes and perpetuate divisions. Through discussions and practical work, journalists had the opportunity to see strategies for identifying and combating disinformation, with a focus on fostering an informed public discourse that supports truth-telling and accountability.

Also, at the end of the module, the documentary ‘Think Like a Fact Checker,’ with the author Getoarbë Mulliqi, produced by the Association of Journalists of Kosovo and supported by the U.S. Embassy in Pristina, Kosovo, was shown

The documentary was produced in Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Saint Petersburg in the United States of America.

The Academy on Dealing with the Past (BmK) and Conflict Sensitive Reporting will continue with two more modules in the following months.