The study visit in Skopje with participants of the Academy on Dealing with the Past Journalism, and Conflict-Sensitive Reporting took place


The Association of Journalists of Kosovo, in cooperation with forumZFD – Program in Kosovo, organized a study visit to Skopje from April 26th to 28th.

During the study visit to North Macedonia, journalism students and journalists who were part of the Academy visited the premises of the Association of Macedonian Journalists. There they met with Milan Spirovski – Researcher, and Biljana Nasteska – Kalanoska – Communication Officer. Participants of the academy engaged in discussions to understand the role of media and journalists in North Macedonia, including the challenges, opportunities, and the role of the AJM.

Among other things, media ethics were discussed, including legal frameworks and regulations governing journalism in North Macedonia. The journalists also discussed the socio-political context of North Macedonia and its impact on journalism practice.

Further, the visit continued with the meeting at the Council for Media Ethics in Macedonia (CMEM). There we were welcomed by Biljana Georgievska – Executive Director, Kristijan Nushkov – Project Coordinator, and Fatos Grubi – Project Assistant. During this meeting, participants discussed the Council’s work, the standards and ethical guidelines established by CMEM for media professionals in North Macedonia. They also discussed CMEM’s role in promoting responsible journalism through the adherence to ethical standards and codes of conduct.

The final meeting of the study visit took place at Pikasa Analytics, where journalists had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Pikasa’s work from Meriton Nagavci, a data analyst. During the visit, participants discussed the latest trends in online media and their impact on various topics, including those related to dealing with the past.

The Academy on Dealing with the Past Journalism and Conflict Sensitive Reporting began in March of this year in collaboration with the forumZFD- Program in Kosovo. A series of trainings were organized on reporting about dealing with the past, conflict-sensitive reporting, dealing with fake news in the context of historical events, and the role of media in the reconciliation process. The aim of these trainings was to equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively report on conflict-sensitive journalism and sensitively handle past events.