Threats against Kallxo’s team in Skënderaj


Today, journalist Adelina Ahmeti and cameraman Jetmir Hoxha of were threatened by an individual with initials M.H in the village of Skënderaj, Klina e Mesme.

The citizen obstructed the team while they were adressing the construction of a church in the village.

According to this media, this person not only hindered their team but also used abusive and threatening words toward them. This was then reported to Skënderaj Police Station.

“Walk away, I swear as long as I get home I will f*** your m***…I swear to God, it’s going to be a problem for you”, were the threats that M.H. had said to them.

The Association of Journalists of Kosovo is concerned regarding the threat towards Kallxo’s colleagues and urges the Kosovo Police to prioritize the investigation.

We condemn any form of threats against journalists, cameramen and other media workers, and call on the competent authorities to bring justice to all threats and attacks against the media.

Each attack on journalists and media is an attack on freedom of expression and democracy.