TUMM: All the old problems are still present

Source/Author: Maja Vasic-Nikolic, safejournalists.net

MONTENEGRO –  Ranked: 105 (- 1 places)

We talked to Marijana Camovic, president of the Trade Union of Media of Montenegro

Reporters Without Borders continued to rate Montenegro with the lowest ratings compared to the region. This is what I find interesting and I would like to have more information about the methodology RSF uses. In that way, Montenegro may be put in the right place, but I believe that it is also reducing the problems that have obviously escalated in other countries, especially in Serbia.

Unfortunately, in Montenegro, during the period under review, some bad things had happened, including precedents such as the arrest of three journalists. The situation is not very good: All the old problems are still present, not a single older case of assault on journalists has been solved, and most likely it will not be, as is the case with the murder of the editor-in-chief of the daily DanDusko Jovanovic. In the previous year, nothing has been done to advance the situation in the media, not even a set of media laws has been adopted, which has been long prepared and whose adoption is persistently and without justification postponed.