We urge the incident with the journalist Miloshevski to be resolved

Source/Author: AJM

SKOPJE 27.01.2017 The Association of Journalists of Macedonia, Regional Office for Bitola and Prilep, urges the authorities as soon as possible to resolve the case from four days ago when unknown perpetrators put gasoline and set fire to the garage of the home of journalist Zoran Miloshevski, the owner of the portal “Publikum” correspondent of the weekly “Focus” and associate the portal “Free Macedonia”.

Elucidating the attack would resolve the dilemma whether the attack is linked to the work of Miloshevski as a journalist or an isolated incident.

Police and prosecutors in shedding light on the event must take into consideration the suggestions of the journalist that he had previously been subjected to threats and pressures from local people of power.

Swift resolution of attacks and acute punishment of bullies will contribute to reduce the wave of violence against journalists. We remind that the state institutions are required to ensure normal working conditions for journalists.

Regional Center of AJM Bitola and Prilep

Photo: publikum.mk

Bitola, 27.01.2017