Vandalism of QIKA’s office is unacceptable


The Association of Journalists of Kosovo is concerned about the reported vandalism of the logo belonging to the non-governmental organization Center for Information, Criticism and Action – QIKA.

In their statement, QIKA reported that the vandalism of the organization’s logo occurred after the broadcasting of the show “Colors of Love,” and the display of the LGBTIQ+ community flag on the balcony of QIKA.

For the Association of Journalists of Kosovo (AJK), this act is unacceptable, shameful, and a direct attack on human rights, freedom of expression, and media.

The vandalism of QIKA’s logo contributes to the language of hatred and verbal attacks against individuals of the LGBTIQ+ community. In addition, it also portrays the harsh environment in which women journalists have to perform their professional duties. Moreover, this is not the first time this organization has been the target of similar attacks.