What about journalism?

Source/Author: hnd.hr
Source/Photo: HND

It’s a well-known fact that many of today’s politicians don’t understand the main purpose of journalism and their attitude towards journalism is mostly ignorance. The political campaign for the parliamentary elections has just begun. The Croatian Journalists’ Association and the Trade Union of Croatian Journalists are asking all political parties in the elections 10 questions – from the basic one, about the direction of their media policies if they come to power to the specific questions we have been asking for years.

  1. Do you have a media policy and what is it based on?
  2. Do you intend to provide long-term support for the survival of quality and professional journalism?
  3. Do you support and encourage collective bargaining as a way to better protect labor rights in the media? Are you willing to compromise with the workers?
  4. Are you willing to prepare a legislative framework for changes in the media sector? Do you have any comments on the Law on Electronic Media and the Law on Copyright?
  5. Would you support the change of the Law on public service Croatian radio television and ensure the independence of the public media service?
  6. How would you stop the abuse of SLAPP – lawsuits as pressure on journalists? Are you in favor of deleting insult and defamation from the Criminal Code?
  7. How would you protect journalists who publicly warn of the pressures they are exposed to?
  8. How would you ensure the depoliticization of institutions that are obliged to act independently, such as the Electronic Media Council and the HRT Programming Council?
  9. How would you ensure the implementation of the Media Law and the implementation of the media statute?
  10. How would you ensure the independence of local media and protection from local sheriffs?

We will regularly publish the answers on our portals and social networks.