A vehicle belonging to TV Syri’s team was hit by bullets in Zveçan


A vehicle belonging to the TV Syri team was hit by bullets in Zveçan.

The editorial staff informed told AJK that the whole incident happened while they were returning from Zveçan.

“While the vehicle was passing through several groups of masked Serbs, together with cameramen Bledar Rexha and Butrint Bejra, we heard something strange and told each other that our vehicle had been hit by a bullet. After 10 minutes, we stopped and saw that we had been hit by a bullet that passed near one of the cameramen.”

The Association of Journalists of Kosovo is deeply concerned about the situation reported by our colleagues during today’s reporting in the northern municipalities. These images are alarming, so we urge the authorities to investigate promptly so that the perpetrators can be brought to justice. We also ask all our colleagues to exercise extra precaution during reporting and in no way jeopardize their physical safety for the sake of reporting.