AGK concerned about threats to journalist Irfan Maliqi

PRISTINA, 08.05.2019 – The Association of Kosovo Journalists has been concerned with the announcement of the Director of “Plus Television” media, Fatos Hetemi, about the threats that have been made towards the journalist Irfan Maliqi.

Journalist Maliqi as it is known for the AGK has written two texts, one of returning women from Syria war, and the other about the phenomenon of theft that happened recently in Viti.

For both of these stories, he has been threatened through two messages on Facebook’s social network.

The first person who threatened is known by the Kosovo Police, and second, the threat is made from a fake Facebook account. Fatos Hetemi the Director of Plus Television announced that after informing the police has started the investigation.

The AGK invites the justice authorities to create a safer environment for journalists through prosecution and trial people who impede reporting on truth and all phenomenons that happened in our society.

AGK called on all media workers not to silence and report on any threats or hindrances to their work.

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