AJK condemns attack on journalist Taulant Osmani

Source/Author: Association of Journalists of Kosovo
Source/Photo: Taluant Osmani attacked by protesters | Photo by: www.kallxo.com

PRISTINA, 11.11.2017 – Association of Journalists of Kosovo condemn the verbal threat against BIRN journalist, Taulant Osmani that occurred in city centre.

Osmani was threatened, insulted and there was attempt of attack by several persons while he was covering the protest called by civil society in Gjilan against the removal of statue of “Falling Soldier” from the WWII.

“As a journalist I was covering the divisive society related to this problem. I started to film the debate among them, and an individual reacted harshly, he rushes against me and asked why am I filming? In that moment, another two persons interfered who were pushing me, cursing me and grabbed my phone”, Osmani said, Kallxo.com reported.

AJK asks from relevant institutions to investigate the case as soon as possible. AJK learns that a suspect of attack is arrested and was put under 48 hours arrest.