AJK: The Parliament should not be abused to lynch journalists

Source/Author: Association of Journalists of Kosovo
Source/Photo: Kosovo Parliament | Photo by: www.mabetex.eu

PRISTINA, 25.10.2017 – Association of Journalists of Kosovo condemns the abuse of Parliament’s pulpit by an MP, Milaim Zeka accusing media and journalists.

AJK considers that the immunity that Zeka possess as an MP does not allow him to attack and accuse journalists every time he enters the Parliament.

Today’s statement by Milaim Zeka is unacceptable for AJK because it considers that it is a flagrant abuse of the institution of the Parliament. Zeka is continuously misusing the immunity and these actions should not be imposed especially from a member of Kosovo Parliament.

The Parliament is the place where all MPs are there for discussions about substantive topics and should not be used to blast accusation to lowest level against media and journalists.

AJK asks from the political party, NISMA për Kosovën (Initiative for Kosovo) to distance itself from actions of its member, Milaim Zeka which would show to public that the party supports free media and journalists safety in country.

Also, AJK condemns inaction of the chairman of today’s session who did not interrupt the speech of Zeka when the latter publicly lynched two journalists, Adriatik Kelmendi and Vehbi Kajtazi.

AJK asks from the Parliament Speaker, Kadri Veseli that in the future it should not allow such statements that seem solely for the misuse of Parliament as well as the immunity by law, with single aim to lynch media and journalists.