AJK condemns improper behaviour of police officer against journalists

Source/Author: Association of Journalists of Kosovo
Source/Photo: Photo by: AJK

PRISTINA, 08.12.2017 – The Association of Journalists of Kosovo is deeply concerned with the information received from its members who were covering a trial in Pristina Basic Court on Thursday who said to have been a subject of bad treatment by a police officer.

During the trial that involves several MPs from Self-determination movement, journalists have had a rather rough and inadequate treatment by the Sergeant of Kosovo Police, Dafina Gashi – responsible for the security of the Pristina Basic Court.

Officer Gashi without any sustainable reason, after the end of trial session, ordered other police officers to accompany one of the journalists, Mentor Gjergjaj. He was taken in one of the halls in justice palace and faced verbal pressure from police officer Gashi. “You don’t need to tell me should I yell or not. Who are you?”, Gashi told Gjergjaj when the latter asked her to low the tone of the communication.

Officer Gashi ordered other officials to take personal information’s from the journalist without any further explanation for such an action.

The Association of Kosovo Journalists condemns any verbal pressure and inadequate treatment that has been done to journalists during their work, as they were reporting from a court session that was open to the media and the public.

We consider that such behaviour and pressure constitutes a direct violation of the work of journalists. Therefore AJK calls on all law enforcement agencies to have consideration for the work of journalists and treat them with respect and dignity.