AJK condemns the insults and threats against sports reporter, Lorik Gashi


The Association of Journalists of Kosovo has received with concern the threats that have been made against the sports journalist/editor at Channel 10, Lorik Gashi.

Gashi has shared the communication that Muhedin Ferati, the president of the club Phoenix, had with him on social networks, where he repeatedly insults and threatens him.

“I will f*** your family members. Post the news, I will f*** your family members. I will say one more word to you, if you won’t remove that fake post, then there will be consequences”, it is written in part of the message.

AJK strongly condemns the insulting and threatening language used by the manager of this club. We urge the FFK to act on this case, as well as Kosovo Police to prioritize this case.

Such threats seriously endanger the work of journalists, of all sectors, including sports reporters.

Gashi reported on the delay in salaries for the football players at the club managed by Ferati.