Civil Society Organizations: REM Must Extend Deadline for Public Discussion on New Regulations

Source/Author: IJAS

Regulatory Authority for Electronic Media (REM) has determined that the public discussion regarding the draft of fifteen regulations, the adoption of which is the responsibility of this body, lasts 20 days, that is, from April 5 to 25, which according to the law is the minimum period for its implementation. Bearing in mind that these regulations are of essential importance for the functioning of the electronic media and that numerous organizations are interested in participating in the public debate, and that the deadline for submitting proposals for changes to the draft is minimal, we request that it be extended until May 25.

We emphasize that the organizations within the Coalition for Media Freedom are significant actors on the media scene, who have actively participated in all previous initiatives related to the regulatory framework in the field of media services. In addition, organizations dealing with human rights, promoting the development of democracy and civil society are also interested in the issues covered by the proposed drafts.

We believe that it is very important to actively participate in this public discussion, and that is why we request that the REM extend the deadline for submission of objections, proposals and suggestions on the mentioned draft regulations, so that we can perform appropriate analyzes and research of good practice. Also, we think it is important to hold at least one more discussion in the REM premises.

The Law on Electronic Media stipulates that the Regulator conducts a public hearing procedure in the preparation of the general act, and that the public hearing begins on the day of publication of the draft act on the Regulator’s website and lasts at least 20 days. Therefore, the Law leaves the possibility for the public discussion to last even longer, as it foresees the importance of obtaining the opinions of experts and the general public.

Due to all of the above, we believe that our request for the extension of the public hearing is well-founded and feasible, as well as that the Regulator should show that it wants a constructive hearing with the aim of adopting the best acts.


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