AJK and PCK react for non-transparency of the government

Source/Author: [:en]Association of Journalists of Kosovo, AJK[:ks]Asociacioni i Gazetarëve të Kosovës[:]
Source/Photo: [:en]Photo by: Association of Journalists of Kosovo[:ks]Foto: Asociacioni i Gazetarëve të Kosovës[:]

The AJK and Press Council of Kosovo (PCK) reacted on their exclusion by the Prime Minister’s office over a draft regulation on the protection of children by media. The AJK and PCK were informed about the draft regulation after they were asked by the UNICEF office in Kosovo to comment on the draft. Both organizations were of the opinion that this lack of transparency could not be ignored and have abstained from taking part, as well as requesting an explanation from the Prime Minister’s Office. Initially, the request for an explanation was ignored and eventually the explanation provided was that neither organization has a role to contribute towards this regulation, which is obstructive and non-transparent. In the end, the Prime Minister’s office decided to stop working on the regulation.