AJK reacts against State Prosecution

Source/Author: Association of Journalist of Kosovo
Source/Photo: AJK logo

PRISTINA, 09.05.2017 – The Association of Journalists of Kosovo was informed by its member journalist, Dardane Neziri that she felt offended by the language used by spokeswoman of prosecution, Liridona Kozmaqi-Hajdaraj calling the journalist “rude and incompetent”.

Also, journalist Neziraj added that spokeswoman Liridona Kozmaqi-Hajdaraj said that there will be no replies in the future for daily “Koha Ditore”. We condemn this act and we believe that such acts will not happen in the future because such acts are in conflict with the principles of prosecution’s transparency and mission.

AJK calls on cooperation from the prosecution’s office of information with all journalists, without any exemption.

In recent months, AJK and State Prosecution have been engaged for creation of professional relations with the aim of professional communication and the right to information for citizens.