AJK supports journalist Qëndresa Krelani and demands an immediate end to any denigrating campaigns against her


The sports journalist on the public television of Kosovo, RTK, Qendresa Krelani-Qeqa, is once again facing online derogatory campaigns.

In some recently shared videos, the statement of the former coach of the Kosovo National Team, Ghila, who mentioned taking advice from Krelani about the formation in a match, is being highlighted disrespectfully.

AJK strongly condemns these campaigns and urges all individuals, including colleagues in the sports industry, to put an immediate stop to them.

Krelani is an exceptional example of a woman in sports journalism, a predominantly male-dominated field. Her work is an inspiration and motivation for other women interested in sports journalism, and these campaigns against her are counterproductive to this cause.

AJK supports Krelani and encourages her to continue her work in the interest of the public.