AJM welcomes the government’s decision for greater transparency

Source/Author: AJM
Source/Photo: AJM

SKOPJE 06.09.2017 – The Association of Journalists of Macedonia welcomes the government’s decision to provide free access to journalists to the documents from the Central Register and the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre.

We believe that the free access of journalists to important documents in the country will ease the access of investigative journalists to information of interest to the public, which will improve the awareness of the citizens.

We believe this decision will increase the transparency, accountability and responsibility of holders of public functions, and will also influence to reduce corruption and various forms of abuses of power.

“We have consistently insisted on giving journalists free access to public information in order to foster the development of investigative journalism which was on the margins of the media space,” said AJM president, Naser Selmani.

AJM will continue to support every measure of the government that is in favor of providing a favorable environment for journalists’ work.