Appeals court upholds ruling against KRIK

Source/Author: KRIK, N1

An appeals court confirmed a sentence handed down against the KRIK investigative news portal for violating the presumption of innocence against a man on trial on charges of organizing the production of marijuana.

KRIK was sued by Predrag Koluvija, owner of the Jovanjica plantation where the police found marijuana plants. The portal said it was sued by Koluvija over its report which called him “accused narco-boss”. KRIK said it was ordered to pay a total of 89,900 Dinars (1 Euro – 117 Dinars) in damages and court costs, adding that the trial cost it 2,000 Euro.

KRIK said it would demand a review by the Supreme Court and would file a complaint with the Constitutional Court.

The appeals court rejected KRIK’s explanation that the report stated clearly that Koluvija was accused and not sentenced. It ruled that KRIK “designated Koluvija the perpetrator of a felony even though there is no court ruling”.

Source: N1