Journalism Academy 2024: Students against hate

Source/Author: BHJA

Konjic, June 8, 2024. – Journalism Academy 2024, practical training for students of journalism and other humanities on the topic of hate speech and reducing hateful and discriminatory narratives in public communication, especially on social networks, began at Boračko Jezero near Konjic.

During the five-day interactive training, the participants of Journalism Academy will have the opportunity to learn how to recognize hate speech, how to deconstruct it as unacceptable public speech and a violation of fundamental human rights of individuals and groups, and how young people can contribute to reducing hateful narratives in the environments where they live and study. or spend time.

Through familiarization with the legal framework of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and international documents on the fight against hate speech, lectures by experts, activists and journalists, as well as screenings of documentary films and analysis of content published in the media on social networks, Academy participants will be able to gain new insights and knowledge to reduce incitement, verbal threats and insults, hateful messages, discrimination, and gender-based violence in the offline and online sphere. Since they come from different areas of BiH, this training will be an opportunity for young people to get to know each other, socialize, share their own values ​​and understanding of diversity, so that when they return to their cities, they can contribute to reducing hate speech, but also reject political manipulation and attempts to create national, religious or cultural distance that is imposed on them daily through public speech and radical narratives.

The slogan of this year’s Journalism Academy is “Students against hate”, the training will take place through two modules lasting five days each and the participation of 35 male and female students from 7 cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. BiH Journalists Association  has been organizing the Journalism Academy every year continuously since 2013, when this form of practical training for male and female students, young journalists and editors of BiH media was organized for the first time in Neum.


The holding of the Journalism Academy 2024 was made possible through the support of the American people through the American Embassy in Sarajevo and all positions, opinions and conclusions expressed at the Academy do not necessarily reflect the position of the American Embassy or the US Government, but exclusively of BH journalists and author-lecturers.