Pristina Basic Court accepts AJK’s recommendations, cases of journalists to be treated on time

Source/Author: Association of Journalists of Kosovo, AJK
Source/Photo: President of Pristina Basic Court, Aferdita Bytyci (right) meets AJK representatives, Photo by: AJK

PRISTINA, 16.03.2017 – Representatives of the Association of Journalists of Kosovo, President Shkelqim Hysenaj and researcher Petrit Collaku met on Thursday with president of Pristina Basic Court, Aferdita Bytyci. They discussed the cases of threats and attacks against journalists that continue to remain unsolved in this court for years.

President Hysenaj presented to the Court President Bytyci the last report of the association with focus on the recommendations for judiciary in Kosovo, in which among others, it is asked to treat in a timely manner all cases against journalists, including threats, intimidation and physical attacks. Pristina Basic Court deals with almost all those cases.

Court President Bytyci stated that it will ask from respective judges to work faster in cases when journalists are the victims of violence, be it civil or criminal cases. The Basic Court in cooperation with AJK will identify all cases of journalists and other media professionals that are victims and that are waiting for the final word from justice. President Bytyci has welcomed the recommendations from AJK’s report “Indicators for the level of media freedom and journalist’s safety”, published in December 2016.

AJK calls on all its members to inform the association when they receive invitation to appear in front of court or prosecutors office.

Also, AJK asked from the Court’s President to create more transparency in trials and in particular in cases of high political profiles that represent high interest for public opinion.