Hina director Branka Gabriela Valentić got threatening letter

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ZAGREB 21.10.2016 – Branka Gabriela Valentić, director of Hina News Agency, received threatening letter full of disgusting offences regarding herself and Saša Leković, CJA president. Letter was signed by One HOS (Croatian Defense Forces) member and salute Za dom spremni (Ustasha’s salute).

Branka Valentić reported it to the police and said for Fairpress it was the first threat she received. “There have been offences and pressures, but not threats. This is the first of the kind. It was sent to Hina and I reported it to the police. I do not think of myself as a coward, but it is not the most pleasant experience to receive the message that someone, unknown, will molest your mother and you will receive the bill. I might assume it has something to do with a person who was fired and that was direct trigger for this letter. It might be someone close to her. I have no idea who he/she was and I do not want to assume anything. But I do not feel safe. That being a threat, I will report it to the State Attorney today too“.


Saša Leković, CJA president, is mentioned in the letter also. He was referred to as chetnik. „I have been under direct or indirect threats and offences, published on social media or in articles in so called „sewage“ media and comments under there articles, since I have been elected CJA president. It has not stopped for 18 months now. All these hysterical scenes are full of hate and with no relevant fact that might explain, if not justify them. The only difference between them is that some are more correctly spelled then others“, said Leković for Fairpress

Source: CJA, Fairpress