Journalists have been awarded the Velebit Degenija awards

Source/Author: CJA
Source/Photo: CJA / Nikola Šolić

Ana-Bella Leikauff, Tihana Mojsinović, Ivana Nobilo, and Hrvoje Gunjača are the recipients of the “Velebit Degenija” awards for the best works on environmental protection published in 2022. These awards were presented for the 25th time by the Environmental Journalists Association of the Croatian Journalists’ Association, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of its founding.

Lidija Komes, the president of the Environmental Journalists branch of the CJA, mentioned that this year, they received 37 nominations with a total of 128 works in categories such as print and online media, radio, television, and photography.

Komes highlighted the quality of submissions, some of which were deemed suitable for organizing educational and scientific conferences. She also introduced Nina Domazet as the first-ever recipient of the award.

Silva Celebrini, a former president of the association, emphasized the importance of the simultaneous establishment of the association and the Velebit Degenija award, both in 1998. Celebrini acknowledged the pivotal role of Lidija Firšt, the first president of the association, followed by three other female leaders: Tanja Devčić, Silva Celebrini herself, and the current president, Lidija Komes.

Subsequently, the “Velebit Degenija” awards were presented. In the radio category, Ana-Bella Leikauff received the award for her program “Dossier Europa – Energetics of the Baltic,” broadcasted on September 27, 2022, on the First Program of Croatian Radio. This program addressed the potential solutions to the energy crisis resulting from the conflict in Ukraine.

In the print and online category, Tihana Mojsinović was awarded for her article “Jadran na buzaru” published in “Prilika,” a monthly magazine of Glas Koncila. The article elucidated the connection between human behavior and environmental conditions, particularly focusing on the Adriatic Sea.

For photography, Ivana Nobilo was recognized for her series capturing the underwater beauty and cleaning efforts at Plitvice Lakes during the SCUBA SCANNER project organized by Jutarnji List. Her work showcased the delicate underwater ecosystems and emphasized the importance of conservation efforts.

Finally, Hrvoje Gunjača was honored in the television category for his report “Autogol(f),” aired on June 2, 2022, on the show “Puls” on Croatian Television. The report shed light on the environmental impact of large-scale construction projects near Krka National Park, particularly the construction of hotels, luxury villas, and golf courses.

The ceremony concluded with the designation of the city of Krk as this year’s Green City – Friend of Velebit Degenija. Additionally, the Croatian Journalists’ Association announced a modest donation for the reconstruction of the severely damaged Music School “Fran Lhotka” in Sisak, demonstrating the humanitarian aspect of the event.