Man who made threats against N1 detained, prosecution proposes suspended sentence

Source/Author: N1

The person who threatened the N1 editorial staff on April 24 has been detained, and, having admitted to the crime, he signed a plea bargain.

The prosecution proposed to the court that he be given a one-year suspended prison sentence, which will not be enforced if he does not commit the same offense within three years of the court ruling becoming final.

The seventy-three-year-old man, who signed under a pseudonym, wrote in the threat sent to N1, among other things, that N1 journalists are the worst gang, that they are domestic traitors on the payroll of foreign powers, and have long been publicly hostile towards the people and legitimate government. “You will soon be liquidated, neutralized so that nothing will be left of you,” wrote the man whom the Prosecutor’s Office has identified.