The media situation in the Balkans is getting worse


SKOPJE 09.08.2017 – Media position in the Balkans is getting worse, according to Dunja Mijatovic, the former OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media. She told “Radio Slobodna Evropa” that this was “the result of wars and societies in transition”.

“Nevertheless, there is the reluctance of politicians and those who have the power to get out of being under control and have influence in the media”, she stressed. “Unfortunately, they all say that they are democrats, but in practice they act as countries where there is no media pluralism”, said Mijatovic. According to her, the journalists are not guilty, however they lack solidarity and pluralism.

“There is a problem with the economy because of the lack of money. It is a very small market cake, which should be divided among many media. There is also a lack of education”, she believes. She claims that the global media situation is very problematic. “The problem is not only the false news, but also the intention the media to be placed under control much more than before”, said Dunja Mijatovic.