Source/Author: Hina
Source/Photo: Croatian Parliament

Only seven candidacies have been submitted for the public call for the election of four members of the Program Council of HRT, but four have been received for one member of the Supervisory Board of HRT, it was learned on Wednesday in the Croatian Parliament, reported by Hina.

The procedure for the election of four members of the Program Council was initiated because the mandates of the Council’s president Zdravka Kedža and three members Lidija Gašparović, Ivica Lučić, and Zorislav Lukić are expiring.

In addition to Gašparović, the candidates for the Council are Josip Čerina, Luka Šuput, Rajko Stilinović, Marko Gregur, Danijel Labaš, and Antonija Petričušić. Council members could be nominated by institutions, associations, and citizens, and who proposed whom on this occasion is not yet known because the candidacies have not yet been published on the parliamentary website.

It is interesting to note that Petričušić, a professor at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb, was until recently a member of the Supervisory Board of HRT. The Program Council of HRT has 11 members, nine of whom are elected by the Parliament, and two by the creative staff of HRT.

Their mandate lasts four years, and every two years half of its members are appointed. The same person can be elected as a member of the HRT Council a maximum of two times. The competition for the election of one member of the Supervisory Board of HRT, announced after Davor Zoričić requested dismissal, appointed in November last year, has aroused more interest.

The candidates are Krešimir Dabo, Alan Stjepko Sorić, Milorad Kardum, and Dajana Barbić. Which candidacies meet the prescribed conditions, or who will be on the lists of candidates, will be determined by the parliamentary Committee for the Media next Wednesday.

Author: Hina