REM Council issues statement on AI-generated content on Pink TV

Source/Author: N1, Fonet

The Council of the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Media (REM) said that the airing of content produced using artificial intelligence in entertainment, documentary, educational and other programs should also contain a visible notice that it is an artificial intelligence-generated program.

The notice should be displayed before, throughout and at the end of the AI-generated program, said REM.

In connection with videos featuring public figures whose voices have been cloned using artificial intelligence, REM stressed that, under the law, media service providers cannot air programs that can abuse the gullibility of viewers and listeners.

It said that audio-visual content must not mislead the public regarding the persons, events or occurrences that are the subject of the videos, especially in info programs whose main purpose is to inform the users of media services, on the basis of facts, about current events, persons and occurrences and to contribute to their interpreting and understanding.

Under the law, media service providers are required to prevent the misuse of personal information, that is, identity, including one’s image or voice.