Actual attacks on journalists, Ana Lalić, Novi Sad, 02.04.2020.


    Nova S journalist Ana Lalić was arrested on April 1st  after 10pm after a search of her apartment by a special squad police officers. The journalist was detained that night on suspicion of spreading panic because of the information provided in the author’s text about the situation at the Clinical Center of Vojvodina in Novi Sad. The arrest was made on the based on a report made  by the Clinical Center (CC) to the Prosecutor’s Office and the police in Novi Sad. She was released the following day when authorities realized that arresting and detention was not necessary. After the search the police seized the reporter’s cellphone and  laptop. According to her, the investigating authorities insisted on information of sources that provided information on the situation in the CC. In the days that followed, the  journalist received huge pressure from many different sides, especially by the highest representatives of the authorities and Serbian pro-government media.