Other threats to journalists, Zaklina Tatalovic, Belgrade, 02.04.2020.


    N1 journalist Zaklina Tatalovic continuously suffers insults, pressures and targeting in pro-government media and on social networks, and particularly the Informer newspaper and its editor stand out. Key campaign attacks were recorded from April 1 to April 10 and continued afterwards. The female journalist was particularly offended by misogynistic statements in the most egregious way, and more serious threats were  made on social networks (on April 6, as a result of targeting the journalist received a comment: “a person like you should die not from Covid 19 but from brain cancer”.

    The attacks are the result of her critical reporting on the work of the authorities, but above all the broader picture, in which, in addition to N1 journalist and editor Jugoslav Cosic, the main aim of the attack is to create a negative public image about N1 television.