Attacks on media and journalists associations, N1 team, Belgrade, 02.12.2022.

    Država SR
    Ime i prezime N1 team
    Pol Grupa
    Datum 02/12/2022
    Grad Beograd
    Tip incidenta Napadi na medijske kuće i organizacije
    Naziv medija TV N1
    Izvor TV N1
    Da li je novinarsko udruženje informisano? Da
    Napadi na medije i novinarska udruzenja Drugi napadi

    Simo Spasić, president of the Association of Families of Kidnapped, Murdered and Missing Persons from Kosovo and Metohija, was detained after he placed a protective fence on the car of the N1 television station at the special department of the High Court where the hearing was held in the proceedings against the group of Veljko Belivuk and Marko Miljković. According to the cameraman N1, Spasić approached the television car parked at the “wall of heroes from Košar”, asked them to move the vehicle and then put a part of the protective fence on the hood. After that, another police unit arrived and took Spasić into custody. A statement was also taken from him and he was released after that.

    The procedure before the competent prosecutor’s office is ongoing.