BHJA: Urgently suspend the ivestigation of journalists and reject the criminal charge by the Minister Adnan Delić, 23.2.2024.

    Država AL
    Grad Sarajevo
    Pol Muškarac
    Datum 23/02/2024
    Ime medija Hayat TV, Slobodna Bosna,
    Izvor Steering Board of the BH Journalists
    Prekršeni zakoni i članovi (nacionalni) Freedom of Media Law. Law on Freedom of Access to Information.
    Da li je Udruženje/Udruga BH Novinari informisano? Da
    Kako je Udruženje/Udruga BH Novinari reagovalo? Steering Board of the BHJA calls on the KS Prosecutor’s Office to immediately suspend all investigative actions against Hayat TV journalists as well as the Slobodna Bosna and portals, to withdraw the order on the questioning of journalists as witnesses and to dismiss Delić’s criminal complaint in its entirety as unfounded. At the same time, the Board of BH Journalists gives full support to the journalists of Slobodna Bosna, Hayat TV and the portal in order to protect their sources, and encourages them to refuse to provide the police with any data or documents that may violate the confidentiality and integrity of information sources, as well as trust. between information sources and these three media.
    Ostale prijetnje novinarima V

    Minister Delic filed a criminal complaint with the Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office in Sarajevo and requested that judicial and police institutions investigate who provided documents to journalists from Hayat TV and the portals Slobodna Bosna and, based on which they reported on an attempt at illegal and non-transparent allocation of 728,000 KM of budgetary funds. Acting upon Minister Delic’s complaint, the Sarajevo Canton Prosecutor’s Office issued several orders to the Sarajevo Canton Ministry of Interior, whose officials requested that Hayat TV provide them with information about the journalists who wrote the aforementioned article, so they could be “questioned as witnesses.”