Derogatory language towards Front Online’s journalists, Prishtinë, 11.07.2023


    The Association of Kosovo Journalists – AJK, has been informed by the editors of “Front Online” about the derogatory language and labels used by Feim Kelmendi, the Director of Finance at Post and Telecommunication of Kosovo, towards the journalists of this portal regarding an article they published.

    The Financial Director of this public company has made derogatory comments towards journalists, using unacceptable language such as “I told you that: No one, no son of a b can find scandals in Telecom.” Kelmendi has also made derogatory remarks about Front Online’s Editor-in-Chief, Lavdim Hamidi, on his personal Facebook account.

    This is not the first time that the Financial Director of Post and Telecommunication of Kosovo, Feim Kelmendi, insults, threatens and labels media journalists in Kosovo.

    AJK is urging the Board and Director of this institution to disassociate themselves from the offensive language used by Kelmendi, as well as any labeling and attempts to interfere with the work of journalists.