Attacks on journalists, Igor Stanojevic, Belgrade, 08.07.2020.



    BELGRADE, July 8, 2020 – During the action of police members against the demonstrators, journalist Igor Stanojevic first received several blows with a stick (truncheon) and then was stopped by the police and detained on suspicion of throwing stones at the police and resisting arrest. In both cases, Stanojevic introduced himself to the police, showed his journalist ID and pointed out that he was at the protests because of his journalistic job. Regardless of his legitimacy, the police officers arrested Stanojević and kept him in custody until the next afternoon when he was taken to the misdemeanor judge in an urgent procedure. The journalist also showed his journalist ID at the police station. Considering that the evidentiary procedure is still ongoing, no misdemeanor charges have been filed against Stanojevic for now. Stanojevic is charged with throwing a stone at police officers during a protest in front of the National Assembly.