Threats against the lives and limbs of journalists, Iva Anzulović, Virovitica, 1.6.2020.


    According to journalist Iva Anzulović, she came to the cafe “Pub” in Virovitica on Monday, June 1, 2020, in the evening, at the invitation of her friend. Next to her two friends, there was also Renato Romić, a retired brigadier general. Romić addressed journalist Anzulović several times with “listen you stupid cow”, probably revolted by her journalistic work, and after that, they continued the conversation when she told him that she had mentioned him in another text. After that, Romić insulted her several times, saying that he would get rid of her, “beat her with a bat”, and then “I would kill your son first, so you can see how it looks like, and then I will kill you”. After the bar was closed, Anzulović and Romić, in the company of another friend, continued conversation in a private weekend house, where Romić dragged her by the hair and told her that she was “alive only because he decided so”.