Attacks on journalists, Lidija Georgije i Ivan Stambolic, Nis, 07.07.2020.


    NIS, July 7, 2020 – RTS correspondents from Nis, Lidija Georgije and Ivan Stambolic, were insulted and threatened on several occasions, and the cameraman was hit in the head with a bottle or can and the camera was doused with water.

    Fortunately, there was no serious physical contact between the demonstrators and the journalists, other fellow journalists (especially the journalists of Nis-based Juzne vesti) helped in that, and they calmed down the situation several times and removed the endangered journalists. The incident occurred when the protesters were moving from the headquarters of the SNS City Board towards the Clinical Center Nis, and then returned to the city center when they prevented the RTS team from joining the program.