Threats against the lives and limbs of journalists, Berat Buzhala, Prishtina, 21. 03. 2020.

    Journalist Berat Buzhala is threatened with life and causing bodily injuries, Prishtina, March 21, 2020.
    Journalist and owner of Gazeta Express and Television 7 – Berat Buzhala has been threatened and an attempted physical attack on him on March 21, 2020. While he was in a pharmacy, two people outside tried to attack journalist Berat Buzhala.  In a statement on his FACEBOOK profile, he said that “at the Rexal pharmacy in Pristina, in the presence of four or five people, two vagabonds from Vetevendosje  wanted to attack me”.
    According to the same source, the attack was averted after a girl who was present there warned the journalist about the purpose of the mentioned persons.
    Following the receipt of information regarding the case, AJK contacted the authorities to obtain an official response. In its response to the AJK, Kosovo Police announced that is processing the case and all investigative actions are in the process according to legal procedures and in consultation with the competent prosecutor.