Other threats to journalists, Bekim Kabashi, Rahovec, 12. 03. 2020.

    The director of the online newspaper “Reporter” – Bekim Kabashi has been threatened by businessman Latif Kryeziu.
    Latif Kryeziu, who is the owner of a fuel company, threatened journalist Bekim Kabashi through phone messages. He wrote to the journalist with the words: “Woe to you what you will face”, and then threatened him through phone calls to the newsroom. After that, Kryeziu went to Kabashi parents’ house with another person and threatened them.
    Based on the data of the Reporter newspaper, the event is related to the article “Fuel points SHELL Kosova do not sell derivatives of the Dutch giant ‘SHELL'”, which was published a few days before the threat.
    The case has been reported to the police and is investigations are ongoing.