Other threats to journalists, “Oath of the Justice,” Prishtina, 12. 12. 2019.


    While the court session was happening, the observer and journalist of “Oath of the Justice” were insulted and offended by M.Z.

    During a court session, M. Z. insulted and offended the journalists and observers of Kosovo Justice Institute IKD, because they published a story which showed him watching box match while the process was going on.

    Based on the information of IKD leaders given to the Association of Journalists of Kosovo – AJK as a consequence of the news published, one of the suspected people M.Z started to insulting and offend all of them who monitored the session including IKD observer. According to them, this action was an abuse of court procedures, which are set by article 301 of the Criminal Procedure Code. IKD considers that concessions were also made by the judge Vesel Ismaili, who did not order the based on his competencies.

    IKD required officially by AJK to react and support them in protecting its job and activities on monitoring the courts and other justice institutions.