Attacks on journalists, Petar Gajic, Belgrade, 10.07.2020.


    BELGRADE, July 10, 2020 – During the protest in front of the National Assembly  TV N1 reporter Petar Gajic, was first verbally insulted and obstructed while reporting by one person, and shortly afterwards the person approached and pushed him away, rudely snatching the microphone, which was then thrown to the ground. According to Gajic’s statement, “a group of demonstrators, four of them, started shouting, pushing the camera, forcing us off the stairs.” One hit our microphone, we didn’t get hit, me and the cameraman are fine, we didn’t suffer an attack except they knocked down our microphone. ”

    The complete event was recorded live on N1 television footage. After the report and the quick reaction of the Ministry of the Interior by reviewing the video recordings and identifying the suspect, the person was detained. The identity of that person is still unknown.