Attacks on journalists, Stefan Stankovic, Misa Batanjac i Predrag Zambrok, Belgrade, 10.07.2020.


    BELGRADE, July 10, 2020 – During the protests in front of the National Assembly, Kurir TV journalist Stefan Stankovic and cameramen Misa Batanjac and Predrag Zambrok were physically attacked and injured. The hooligans first attacked the reporters with metal bars, and then the cameraman Zambrok was hit by a stone. Stefan Stankovic was hit in the kidneys with a metal bar and Batanjac in the neck, and in the end Zambrok received a hit to his stomach with a rock. The cameraman Batanjac was the most seriously injured, and was given help on the spot by the medical team. Fortunately, minor bodily injuries were found.

    Stefan Stankovic gave a statement to the police, and according to him, he will supplement it with details. The details of the attack were also reported to the representatives of the police and the prosecutor’s office within the Standing Working Group for the Safety of Journalists, while the representatives of the police have already announced that they have information about the statement given by journalist Stanković.