Attacks on journalists, Irena Stevic, Belgrade, 09.07.2020.



    BELGRADE, July 9, 2020 – After the Insider journalist Irena Stević photographed a cordon of police members near the Presidency building during the July 9 protest, two men in civilian clothes ran from behind to her and stole the phone from her hands. The journalist first introduced herself and identified herself as a journalist, and immediately afterward she reacted by demanding that they return the phone to her and identify themselves, that is, that the men say who they are. Two men refused to identify themselves and one of them said he was a member of the BIA (Security Information Agency). While running to her, one of the men snatched the phone from her hand in a very rude way. They tried to review the photos and then returned her phone insisting that she delete the photos. As soon as the phone was returned, the journalist turned on the camera and informed them that she will record the conversation, the men turned and left, cursing and uttering abusive words. On Thursday, July 16, journalist Irena Stevic filed a criminal complaint with the competent prosecutor’s office for the actions of two men.