Attacks on journalists, Uros Arsic, Belgrade, 09.07.2020.



    BELGRADE, July 9, 2020 – Photo reporter of TV Nova S Uros Arsic was hit by a rock while trying to record a part of the protest in Pionirski Park. Arsic was hit by a rock that was sent to a group of journalists who were trying to take photos and recordings of the confrontation between two groups of demonstrators. Uroš Arsic’s nose was broken in three places after he was hit in the face with a stone, after which he was transported to the Emergency Center for help. The journalist was found to have a serious bodily injury and had to undergo surgery three days after the attack.

    According to the journalists, several rocks flew towards the journalists intentionally from the people from the group. Before the rain of rocks that flew towards the journalists, several verbal threats and insults were made against the journalists who were trying to record the incident. Arsic gave a statement to the competent police officers after repairing the injury, and according to the words of the representative of the Ministry of the Interior in the Permanent Working Group for Security, all circumstances are being investigated and data are being collected in connection with this incident.