Attacks on journalists, Salahudin Fetic, Novi Pazar, 12.08.2020.


    Novi Pazar, August 12, 2020 – Sandzak TV director Salahudin Fetic was attacked in a restaurant in Novi Pazar. According to the journalists, completely unexpectedly, by a local businessman, who he knows and with whom he has been so far, on good terms.

    The attack was preceded by a verbal argument and then a sudden blow with an open fist to the face, but also an attempt to engage in a bigger confrontation, which was, however, prevented by Fetic’s friend who was sitting at the table with him at the time. Fortunately, there were no serious physical injuries, but the journalist suffered a shock.
    Fetic went immediately to the police after the attack and reported the case,  he says that they were very correct and that they acted very soon after the report.

    On August 12, the police arrested the suspect due to reasonable doubt that a criminal act of violent behavior was committed. On the order of the competent public prosecutor in Novi Pazar, the police filed a criminal complaint against the suspect.