Other threats to journalists, Gradska TV i Pobjeda, Podgorica, 25.10.2022.

    Country MN
    Gender Group Milica Pavicevic, Senad Pecanin i Dusko Mihailovic
    Date 25/10/2022
    City / Location Podgorica
    Type of incident Other threats to journalists
    By whom To journalists by citizens
    Type of media Radio and television print
    Media name Gradska TV i Pobjeda
    Source Pobjeda
    Was journalist`s association informed No
    Were authorities informed? Case was reported to the police

    On October 25, Gradska TV journalists Milica Pavićević and Senad Pećanin received several threatening and insulting comments sent via social networks and by e-mail.

    The case was reported to the police, who referred the case to the prosecutor for further decision-making. By order of the prosecutor, the case files were submitted to the High-Tech Crime Suppression Group, in order to determine the user – the owner of the e-mail addresses, on the basis of which they would take other measures and actions. Those actions are ongoing.