Other threats to journalists, Paulina Nushi Muhaxhiri, Prishtina, 11.09.2019



    Paulina Nushi, a journalist of Life in Kosovo Newspaper is insulted and denigrated by the doctor of Central University Clinic of Kosovo, – Sejdullah Mahmuti.

    Nushi has tried to contact Dr. Mahmuti, in order to ask about the State Prosecutor’s charge toward him. He was not responded to the phone call, then the journalist wrote a message.  After the article publication, he called and insulted her.

    “Despite having a copy of the indictment, we wanted to give him the opportunity to say his opinion. This morning he called me, screamed, but I didn’t take it seriously until he said ‘this will be returned on your children’. We should not be treated in this way, this is unacceptable. I explained to him, that he has the right to talk and he has anything to say, he can talk to the newsroom”, said Nushi Muhaxhiri.