Actual attacks on journalists, Gordan Duhaček, Zagreb, 16.09.2019.


    On 15.09.2019. while entering Croatia from BiH, a journalist Gordan Duhaček was informed that he was wanted by the police. He went to the police station in Heinzel Street in Zagreb the same evening to arrange details there because he had an arranged trip on the next day. During the next morning, on 16.09.2019., police officers were waiting for him at the Zagreb airport and they took him to the Municipal Misdemeanor Court, where he was scheduled for two hearings. Duhaček was apprehended for a tweet from the summer of 2018 in which he used the controversial abbreviation “ACAB” (“All cops are bastards”) to describe the treatment of police in Zadar and because earlier in 2019 published satirically chanted song “Vila Velebita” in which he dealt with the problem of fecal pollution of the Adriatic.